Nappy changing bag checklist

A well-stocked, well-organised nappy changing bag is going to make your life SO much easier. But don't overfill - you're going to be carrying it everywhere, so everything you put in is extra weight.

Here are your key essentials. 

All mums know that leaving the house with your baby is a mission of complexity that you had never foreseen. It's really helpful to have a routine to restock your nappy bag as soon as you get in, or before you go to bed at night and pop it back by the front door so that it's always ready for you to grab and go.

Barrier Cream

Apply a barrier cream at nappy time to avoid nappy rash. It forms a protective layer on your baby's skin that stops moisture from reaching and soaking into the skin.

Weleda Baby Nappy Change Cream is the perfect natural option for typical babies. Green People Organic Babies Calming Nappy Cream is a 10% organic cream for suitable for sensitive skin. Care for hypersensitive and extra dry bottoms with Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream.

Baby Wipes

Choosing a natural baby wipe ensures that you're minimising the chemicals that are put onto your baby's skin, and consequently the chemicals that are absorbed into their body. Fewer chemicals mean a lower chance of dermatitis-related nappy rash and possibly a lower risk of your baby going on to develop eczema or asthma later on. The fewest chemicals are present in WaterWipes, which are 99.9% pure water with only grapefruit extract added to cleanse and nourish all delicate skin.

Nappy Bags

You never know when and where you're going to end up changing your baby. I can guarantee there'll be a few impromptu changes in unusual places! When there's no bin available and you need to take a used nappy with you, put it in a natural nappy bag to maximise compostability and biodegradability when you do get around to binning it.

Cotton Wool

I much prefer cotton pads to cotton balls. These are super easy to pack in your diaper changing bag and the flat pad design means that you don't get cotton fluff all over your baby's bum (which I've discovered is almost a certainty when you use balls - no matter how premium and shed-free they claim to be!). The rectangular design of the Simply Gentle pads means you get a bit of extra space to keep your hands away from the poo. Ideal when you're on the go!

Hand Sanitiser for Mum & Baby

Hand sanitiser if great for cleansing up your hands after a nappy change, or for getting off all the bugs you've picked up before an out-and-about feed. A gentle enough sanitiser that's alcohol-free can also be used for baby too.

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