Maternity Pads

One of the big secrets of childbirth that's rarely mentioned to anyone before they're pregnant is the bleeding that you'll still have for 6 weeks after the birth, called 'lochia'. It happens whether you have a natural vaginal birth, or a C-section.

Maternity pads are extra large, extra thick sanitary towels and they're an absolute must. You can't get away with even the heaviest-flow standard sanitary towels in the early days and weeks.

You'll need more than you think. Work on the basis that you'll need to change the pad once every couple of hours for the first few days, going down to once in the morning and once in the evening towards the end before you can go down to normal sanitary towels. That's over 60 pads you'll need depending on how long you bleed. (I actually started with 60 and had to buy more). Get your supply in one go with a bulk buy and save!



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